Pro Sprayer

The Number 1 Sprayer in Hair Salons today!

Sprays in every direction possible thanks to a weighted ball (bell) at the end of the hose.Adjustable spray nozzle for mist or stream.

Capacity: 220 ml
Heat-Resistant temp: 50 C or 122 F
Material: Vinyl Chloride

**If ordering please specify colors and quantity desired in each color in the comments section.**

*Prices subject to change without notice

Salon Cost: $17.00
Size: 220 ml
Color: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red & Orange
Weight: 71g
Vendor: Y.S. Park
Origin: Japan




16424 S. Western Avenue, Suite #4  •   Gardena, CA 90247  •   310-515-7526  •  Fax 310-515-7527

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